Neil Barton

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Presenting at ECITE

I enjoyed this year's ECITE conference very much.

Genoa is a wonderful city, a fascinating blend of renaissance palaces, working dock, and regenerated water-side. The welcome from the University of Genoa was warm, and the conference organisation impeccable (although they have a regrettable habit of filling you with good food and wine and then video-ing you while you pontificate.)

My paper can be downloaded here: Paper (PDF, 129k); Slides (PDF, 1032k)

I would pick out two papers in particular from which I learnt a lot. Tracing The Eclectic Nature of ICT Evaluation (Bannister, Berghout, Griffiths & Remenyi) provided a comprehensive history of IT evaluation and a succinct summary of the state of the art today. Information System Architecture Metrics (Vasconcelos, Sousa & Tribolet) provides metric definitions which could be used as a measure of workload for Information Architecture groups. This is a function which has resisted measurement for many years. By using Vascnocelos's metrics in a similar role to that of Function Points in measuring Application development, we can measure their productivity and perhaps even the quality of their architecture.

Next year the conference will be held in Montpelier, will be renamed ECIME, and re-structured to focus on Information Management Evaluation. I look forward to it, and wish them well.